Our Principles are stated in our Platform:


With this platform, we the Republican Party reaffirm lincolnthe principles that unite us in a common purpose…
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Congratulations to the new Executive Board:

Laureen Gutierrez–Chair

Andrew Weber–1st Vice Chair

Mark McAllistar–2nd Vice

Deb Gaul–Secretary

Lisa Gaizutis–Treasurer

Bonus members

Sandy Peeso

Ruth Ehlers

Bradley Barker

Rose Puglesie

Tina Peters

Alden Savoca

Marty Chazen

Michael Day

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     Luncheon: February 17th @ 11:30 Check in

Double Tree Hotel 

Kevin McCarney & Jeff Hays; (Candidate for Colorado GOP Chairman, will be the speaker.)

Now it’s time to thank all of the people that brought us here, and work to ensure that this opportunity is not wasted.