Official Call House District 54

Official Call for State House District 54
Precincts 1-29 are involved
Pursuant to Article XIII, Section D, paragraph 2 of the Bylaws of the Colorado Republican State Central Committee and Colorado Revised Statutes § 1-4-102 and § 1-4-601, notice is hereby given that the House District 54 Assembly shall be convened beginning at 3pm on March 24, 2018 at the Delta Performing Arts Center 910 Grand Ave, Delta, Colorado 81416.
Check-in and credentialing for this assembly will begin at 2:00pm.
A total of one hundred (100) delegates and an equal number of alternates have authorized by the House District 54 Republican Central Committee for this Assembly, which delegates and alternates have been apportioned to each county according upon number of registered Republicans voting for Donald Trump in the last election as follows:
Delta County: 14 delegates
Mesa County: 86 delegates
The principal purposes of this Assembly of delegates shall be:
• To designate Republican candidate(s) for State Representative for the House District 54 for nomination on the 2018 primary election ballot; and
• To designate or appoint a vacancy committee to fill vacancies in the elective office corresponding to the District as may be applicable; and
• To consider and adopt such other rules and resolutions, and conduct all other business of the Republican Party, that may rightly and lawfully come before such an Assembly of delegates.
Dated this ___1st______ day of March, 2018.
______Virginia L. Selby______________________
Virginia Selby, Chairman
House District 54 Republican Central Committee
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