GOP Primary Results: Senator Scott Wins Handily Against Opponent

The Mesa County Republican Party warmly extends our congratulations to all the winners of the 2018 primary election. We appreciate the hard work of everyone involved in the primary races and hope we can all unite to flood Colorado with a Red Tsunami this November.

Results below:

Our D-7 State Senator, Ray Scott, won handily over his primary opponent, former State Rep., Dan Thurlow.

Other GOP primary winners include:

Scott Tipton: Congressional D-3

Walker Stapleton: Colorado Governor

Brian Watson: Colorado Treasurer

George Brauchler: Colorado Attorney General

Wayne Williams: Colorado Secretary of State

Matt Soper: State Rep. D-54

Janice Rich: State Rep. D-55

Scott McInnis: Mesa County Commissioner

Matt Lewis: Mesa County Sheriff

Sheila Reiner: Mesa County Treasurer

Tina Peters: Mesa County Clerk & Recorder

Victor Yahn: Mesa County Coroner

Ken Brownlee: Mesa County Assessor

Scott Thompson: Mesa County Surveyor

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    • Jeff McCloskey on July 11, 2018 at 2:55 am

    There’s over a million registered Republican voters in Colorado, and over another million unafilliated voters, and only 20,000 or so weighed in this election. Sad.

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