#WalkAway Campaign: Disappointed, disillusioned former Dems favor freedom

The #WalkAway Campaign on Facebook is a phenomenon that is delighting conservatives and life-long Republicans as well as those who have recently abandoned rabid left-wing politics to support President Trump’s “jobs creation,” “America First” agenda.

The Facebook introduction states:

The #WalkAway Campaign is a true grassroots movement. It is a video campaign movement, dedicated to sharing the stories of people who can no longer accept the current ideology of liberalism and what the Democratic Party has become. Some left long ago. Many of us have recently been “red-pilled”. Some here have wanted to leave for some time, but have feared the consequences they might suffer from friends or family if they walk away.

This group is here to encourage and support those on the left to walk away from the divisive tenets by allowing people to share their stories, or watch the video testimonies and read the posts of others who have walked away. But this campaign also serves another very important purpose. For far too long, the left has controlled the narrative in this country in news and media while the “silent majority” on the right have done what they always do- remained silent. The left has been allowed for so long to reinforce the narrative that everybody on the right is a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, etc. But the left has become so extreme, it’s now time to fight back.

I want people on the right to use their voices and tell the world the truth about who they are. Please make a video telling everyone what it means to be a conservative in America. What your values really are. Tell minorities on the left who have been told their whole lives that they are not welcome on the right because of the bigotry and hatred of the people on the right that they are welcome. That there is a seat at the table on the right for everybody.

This is a movement of patriots of all walks of life- men, women, black, brown, white, straight, LGBTQ, religious, non-believers, who share something very important in common… WE ARE AMERICAN and we will not surrender our country! Please enjoy the video testimonials and posts, and please leave one of your own!

Devised by Brandon Straka, a gay New York hairstylist, the #WalkAway Campaign Facebook page features countless former liberals/Democrats/Obama voters and Hillary supporters who are sharing their reasons for walking away what they believe is an increasingly angry, negative, and radical agenda promoted by leftist progressives. Follow the #WalkAway Campaign on Facebook and share these remarkable stories.

Here are two:

Wayne Gibson:

Hi everybody! I’m Mr. Wayne of youth nonprofit New Conscious Guardians. I guess I was the Democrat Party poster child. I was born in poverty in the segregated south, Mississippi. I’ve never known a father. I’m black. I was bullied and attacked by racist in school. I failed a lot. Did I mention I was black? Okay, so when the devil came knocking at the door to hand me an excuse, I gladly took it.

But at some point, thanks to the Lord, which I see some people are coward to even reference, I change my mind. Slowly but showily, I take responsibility for my actions. It’s hard to look at a mirror that shows your own hypocrisy. I believe Eckhart Tolle said, “Spiritual growth is to be aware of your own contradictions.”

I stop complaining. I don’t have much money and I don’t beg. I want to earn everything I get. Due to a severe head injury while serving in the Army, I’ve suffered from depression and still on occasion thoughts of suicide. So, what did I do? I use my testimony to try to help others. I started a nonprofit to help incarcerated youth change the way they think. Because I didn’t see enough people trying to do that.

I guess because of our tribal, following nature, we were manipulated by selfish people that seized the opportunity to benefit from us giving up or authority to think. They didn’t take it. We gave it away. We trusted them, believing they were smarter, and would do what was best for us. They constructed our ideas of what is right, wrong, moral, evil, love, entertainment, etc. We let people without blissful flame light our ways. That’s a mistake.

As a rise out of my mental prison, I’m trying to help as many as I can escape. It takes courage to take back your authority to think. And the ones that have had it for so long, damn sure aren’t going to give it back that easy.

But what is easy, is for me to see hate. Out of the many President Trump hating people I’ve encountered, they all seem to have one thing in common. They’re angry. None of them are authentically loving and giving people. They’re all ego motivated, selfish and seeking attention. But if asked, everyone of them will say they have admiration for Dr. King.

But, didn’t Martin Luther King say, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that?” So, they respect the man, but none of his lessons? That doesn’t make sense.

I’m into loving. I love my independent thinking. I don’t like to join “groups.” But, like a lot of you, I started reading a lot of post. I felt connected. There’s light here. Unity. So, #WalkAway … I’m in.

Peace, Love and Blessings to you ALL. – Mr. Wayne

Teri Telles Bartlett

I’m Mexican American, was raised to believe the Democratic Party was for us. I grew up poor with my mother in and out of jail so well that’s all they knew and I believed it. I got saved at the age of 31 and began making political decisions based on my Christian faith. Prior to voting in this past election I had hoped for one candidate in the Republican Party but he dropped out. I jokingly shared memes about not wanting to vote or crying on the way to polls but I knew I didn’t want my vote to go to waist. So I voted for Trump(after researching him) I also pray constantly for him as I did Obama because we believe we need to pray for those in office. Well far more recent it’s become hard to log on to social media. People like me in my area are considered racist based on voting for him. Allot of people on social media have basically said they are unfriending people just because they voted for a “racist” even after posting things clearly racist toward white people. I’m tired of the double standard and reverse discrimination. Im Christian have my own beliefs but never do I push my thinking on others. I pray and hope this group grows and we are able to show people that diversity still lives and we still love and respect one another no matter what we believe or vote for that matter. I’m so honored to see this group it gives a voice for what I have felt are the voiceless. I’m a Mexican American Woman and I’ve decided to#WalkAway

Teri Telles Bartlett

Facebook #WalkAway Campaign


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    • Scott on July 20, 2018 at 7:24 am

    I fully support this campaign I’m from the UK and from what I see on all media Democrats are doing nothing to support USA politics and the people of your nation.

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