City Council Luncheon

After hearing from all the candidates on Friday March 15th, 2019, we believe the future of Grand Junction and of the Grand Valley rests in the hands of Phillip Pe’a and Dennis Simpson. They share values, beliefs, and loyalty similar to the foundation of this great party. As City Council Elections are non-partisan, we hope to see equal representation of the people from the candidates whom you look to elect, and hope you elect with the future of the area in your mind. See you all April 2nd!

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    • Patricia Johns on March 17, 2019 at 4:25 pm
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    Dear local Reipublicans, I am an unafilliated voter who selects candidates regardless of party. However the decision to promote a no vote on issue 2C is very worrying to me. This is an issue that supports families. It is not just an amenity that few people will use, it is a resource that will bring new residents, including families, to the area.
    I am disappointed as I had hoped that there would be a better understanding ofOhow the community center would improve the quality of life in the valley, spur economic development and even support entrepreneurs. One only has to look at the Bakers Boutique, next to another Grand Junction Park. If you have ever seen what happens after a youth soccer game or a pickle ball game, you could see young and old at ice cream shops and coffee shops.

    1. Patricia,
      The issue is not in the Community Center itself, but with how it is being put together. This is not the time to be building a leisure center when there are infrastructure needs throughout the valley. Older people may retire here because we have a community center, but how does that add growing wealth to our communities? How does that ensure families can afford all these activities? This is an issue of jealousy, not economics.

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