2nd Amendment Event

As part of Second Amendment Celebration & Education Month, the Mesa County Republican Party will be holding a fun, family-friendly event & fundraiser at the Cameo Shooting & Education Complex just off the Kokopelli exit (46) on Saturday, August 24th, from 1pm-4pm. As part of the admittance fee, you will get a day pass at the handgun ranges we have reserved, a barbecue lunch, and the opportunity to hear from firearm instructors and experts to build your skills and knowledge. A variety of target styles will be provided and set up prior to the event to offer a wide range of shooting challenges. All shooting allowed at the ranges we have reserved will be for handguns and pistols only, no rifles or shotguns.

Families and children are welcome, so don’t miss this opportunity to have an enjoyable afternoon of education, food, friends, and shooting! We have a covered pavilion reserved with picnic tables, a sound system, and food-serving areas.

More details will follow, including a sheet with address information, instructions for the event, safety and other rules, and what to bring with you.

Pricing will be as follows:

$25 per adult or child 16 or older

$10 per child 15 or younger

We need RSVPs in advance! While we will admit anyone after the RSVP cutoff date, or people who come the day of, it will greatly help with our logistics if we have a rough idea of how many people are coming ahead of time.
If possible, please RSVP by August 19th.

To RSVP, please email asavoca@mesacountygop.org OR pking@mesacountygop.com, and let us know how many adults and children to expect in your party. Payment will not be required in advance, we will collect payment when you arrive on the 24th. Check, cash or card accepted

Mark your calendar, tell your friends, and share on social media. We’ll see you on Saturday, August 24th!